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XGL are now returning to compete on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3​ after a brief hiatus from the series and concentrating manily on the FIFA series but are now supporting more titles on XBOX ONE.

A brief History of XGL

XGL started back in May 2002 and since then have supported many games from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, mainly fps games such as halo and cod series through to gears of war and fifa so have dabbled with a few games over the years, we have competed in many cups created by ourselves and one other webites and have been mainly a clan that competes on Hardcore Search & Destroy on the call of duty games​. we had competed in many WGL seasons form COD: WaW, through to COD:Ghosts on the Xbox 360 since then we been competing on FIFA pro clubs from FIFA 14 through to the most recent FIFA 16 and also have a Gears of War and Halo 5 teams upcoming so if those games interest anyone feel free to apply over on the XGL Website.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Recruitment
We are currently on the lookout to recruit new players to join our squad, we will be competing mainly on the Hardcore Search & Destroy and will be looking into entering any leagues or cups on the mode aswell as regular scrims on a weekly basis with a few clan nights to keep the competition strong. we have had some strong teams on past call of duty titles so looking to do the same with this current squad, we have a decent base of players for the team with some returning members from previous xgl cod squads, we will also be open to recruit for a 4v4 core team further down the line.
our COD nights are mainly: Tuesdays,Thursdays,Fridays and Sundays​
other nights are usually reserved for our fifa,gears and halo 5 nights
if interested contact: XGL Potleg on Xbox Live
also signup to our website at: www.xglclan.co.uk and post an application
we also have a WhatsApp group where most of our cod chat and arrangements will be made.
iG x Garfield Hello just wanted to ask are you lot active and can you get a full 6 together to play a scrim against Us let me know asa...


XGL POTLEG a posted Aug 13, 15


XGL currently has 2 FIFA squads XGL FC & XGL CF we do recruit for both squads so lookout for any recruitment posts as we ususally regularly post up recruitment threads on other FIFA related sites. we mainly compete in FIFA leagues over at FIFA CLAN LEAGUES but also look to compete on other sites in cup competitions. XGL FC previously won division 1 of FCL Clubs League Season 6 and are currently doing well in the Premiership of FCL Clubs Season 7. XGL CF is entering thier new season on FIFA 16 and are currently building up a capable squad so we can do well in the leagues. both teams within XGL are treated as equals and their is always a good bonus for the teams to play and win agaisnt each other which helps boost both teams aswell as always testing against each other. thier are many good teams in the fcl community so we always look for our teams to do well in thier leagues. look out for any recruitment posts and come join in at XGL!

XGL Gears of War: UE Squad

with the release of Gears of War: UE Squad on XBOX ONE we are now preparing to recruit for Gears of War: UE Squads for XGL. We will be recruiting for 2 squads that will be made up for previous xgl gears players and also new players to compete on the game in the name of XGL. we will be looking to compete in leagues and cups on the game and will have regular game nights for regular practice in matchmaking or in scrims. XGL have had great gears of war teams in the past on all previous gears of war titles except judgement and with a new console and a new updated game we look to compete on a game to a good standard and compete with other like minded teams. sites such as Gamerz league central and gfinity most likly will be hosting regular cups and leagues that will interest us. if you have a good skill on gears of war and look to join an active and great team with a good history of gears of war then look no further than XGL, post an application in the forums and at the end of august join us in our gears of war tryouts.

Welcome to the XGL website

XGL is an XBOX ONE clan created in May 2002 and still going strong to this day, we have competed across many titles throughout the original xbox and xbox 360 from halo to call of duty,fifa,gears of war,wolfenstein,shadowrun,unreal championship,timesplitters 2 to name a few games that we have competed on throughout the years. now on xbox one we have mainly focused on FIFA titles but we now aim to start expanding again to other games starting with Gears of War: UE then later in the year with FIFA 16,Rainboiw Six,Halo 5 and Black Ops 3, we feel their will be many new clans on the scene to compete on these game swith the available league and cups sites and this will bring XGL to the forefront in competing across multiple games. XGL Potleg is the current leader of XGL Clan and although we have had many members and squads throughout the history of XGL we thank all previous members who have comepted in the name of XGL and look forward to being in new players to compete in the name of XGL across various games. become a legend an join XGL!

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